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Secondary School Newsletter June 2015

Secondary School Newsletter May 2015

Secondary School Newsletter March 18, 2015



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To all Hawaii high schools:
The year has just started and many of you have dealt with the heat and humidity already as well as spine injured athletes.
The secondary school’s heat committee is looking at WBGT readings throughout the state (20 sites).  We want to establish what the temperatures are throughout the state.  We believe our temperatures do not fit the current WBGT guidelines (NATA or Georgia’s).  For example, the average of three locations on Oahu a few weeks ago was WBGT 84?F.  For the NATA guidelines that would be Risk Level of Hazardous (Black) and for Georgia it’s Yellow (provide at least 3 rest break per hour).
This will help us provide more information to the HHSAA and our athletic directors to establish a Heat acclimatization program specific to Hawaii.  As important it will help you advice your coaches and athletes of adverse practice conditions in the future.
Besides looking at WBGT readings we want to know how many EHI we have and at what conditions they occur.  We are looking for your assistance to determine how many EHI we have.  I’ve included a link below to input any EHI you have. We will look at the location of the EHIs and compare it to the WBGT reading at the nearest school with a WBGT.  If you already had an EHI please input the information on the link.  Otherwise please remember to input any future EHI.
Thank you for participation and improving the care of our athletes.