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Project Mouthguard Powerpoint

Dear HATA Member
As football season approaches, I know you are all very busy preparing your athletes for the coming season.  I am not sure you are all aware of a program that has been in existence since 1997 so I am going to reintroduce it in this letter.  Since you have direct contact with most of the organized sports teams in this state, you are probably the best line of communication with the athletes.
As dentists, we recommend the use of a mouthguard for all sports where the athlete is at risk for oral injuries.  For football, this is a requirement.  Our organization, the Hawaii Academy for Sports Dentistry (HASD), highly recommends the use of a custom made mouthguard and has made a Power Point presentation for your use.  You may download it from this website, view it and share it with your athletes.  The main point of the presentation is:  Since you are required to wear a mouthguard for football, why not get the best available.  Our goal is to provide custom made mouthguards for these athletes. 
          In order to obtain a custom made mouthguard, a model of the athlete’s upper teeth is required.  This is probably the biggest obstacle in fulfilling our goal.  The athlete can have this done at his or her dentist, assuming they go to a dentist, if their dentist is willing to do this.  Some schools are fortunate to have dentists that volunteer their time to take the impressions necessary for making the models.  Your school may be able to solicit a dentist to do this-they could be a parent, alumunus, or community practitioner.  Once the model is obtained, the custom made mouthguard can be fabricated at a low cost through our program, Project Mouthguard.  A simple self explanatory form is attached.  You may give this to the athlete to take to his or her dentist and then follow the rest of the instructions.  If this can be done as a group and mailed together, there can be a cost savings.  Boil and bite mouthguards sold at sporting good store range from $2.50 to $20.00.  We charge $15 because this is done at our cost and volunteer labor. We discount to $10 per mouthguard + shipping charges for groups.  Therefore, it is almost unexcusable to use a boil and bite mouthguard unless there is no access to a dentist.  This is also available and highly recommended for other sports which do not require mouthguards, like basketball, soccer, etc.  We also have educational material available on request. 
          If you have any questions or want help in starting a mouthguard program at your school, please contact me via email at:  HASDHI@gmail.com  HASD is also a NATABOC CE provider and have various courses available.  If you are interested finding out what we offer, also contact us.
          Melvin Choy, DDS
          President, HASD 

Please download your Project Mouthguard mail in form.