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Check out photos from another successful student workshop! Visit the Student Athletic Trainer Aide Workshop page!

Visit the Hawaii Pacific Health Educational Symposium page for more information about viagra for sale, generic cialis, levitra pills this event and how to register!

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Check out the HATA State Leadership Forum page for more information!

Aloha and Welcome to Hawaii Athletic Trainers' Association! 

The  mission of the Hawaii Athletic Trainers' Association (HATA) is to enhance the quality of health care provided by its members and to advance the athletic training profession.  




National Athletic Training Month is coming up! Visit the National Athletic Training Month page for information on events throught the month of March


NATA Secondary School resources updated! Visit the Secondary School webpage for tools, statements and more for your secondary school program


Sports Medicine Broadcast interviews HATA president Sam Lee

The NATA has a new statement regarding Shoulder Pad and Helmet Removal. Read the summary here:
Executive Summary Spine Injury

Archived Videos


VIMEO - Athletic Training, Promoting Safety
for more video and media about about Athletic Training please click on the Media Tab above

NATA Safe School Award
Castle receives NATA Safe Schools Award, Click here for full article
HBA receives Hawaii's 1st NATA Safe Schools Award, click here for full article

Who will be next?
Click here for more information on the NATA Safe School program


For More information and resources regarding Hawaii Concussion Awareness Management Program, click the logo!


Athletic Trainer Public Service Announcement Video


Emergency Action Plans can also be accessed on the "Resources" page under the heading "EAP's"

DCCA  Athletic Trainer - Hawaii State Licensing
LICENSURE - Information regarding Registration in Hawaii- CLICK HERE

RESEARCH GRANTS - HATA members are encouraged to apply for grants.  For more information please contact Dr. Linda Rowan at drbool@aol.com.
Continuing Education- Looking for additional committee members and suggestions for topics or speakers.  If you are interested in either of these please contact Beth Young at hataceu@gmail.com.

WEBSITE - If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the website, please contact Sam Lee at hatapresident@gmail.com.







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